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What an exciting, fast moving industry this is. Thankfully I started in a world of print, desk top publishing, long before the internet came along.

As the web grew, from simple HTML into the multitude of codes, scripts and software needed for todays websites, so has my knowledge needed for todays internet.

I build responsive, immersive, websites that work on all platforms, browsers and devices: mobile, tablet and desktop. Working daily with popular platforms like WordPress and Magento etc.

All of the sites I build are optimised for todays search engines ensuring that your site is displayed high in the natural listings.

As well as building full e-commerce websites, I can set-up, run and fully integrate your social media and if budgets allow can oversee your pay-per-click advertising campaigns. I can register your domain name along with managing the hosting of your website on our dedicated servers. If you already have a website then I can assist with amendments, hosting and general day-to-day management.

Whether it's a complex e-commerce web project using the latest web standards or a simple business card, I can help turn your ideas in to digital form.

Paul Banyard

IT Consultancy

Businesses increasingly depend upon technology systems and so the risks of failure become increasingly costly. The challenge of harnessing the power of IT whilst ensuring you avoid risks is paramount in todays world.

We can help with the most pressing business challenges companies face:

• Choosing the technology to meet your objectives
• Conducting due diligence
• Conducting IT health checks
• Mitigating risk and ensuring compliance
• Getting you better business intelligence

Whatever your needs, Simply Websites has the experience and expertise to help you meet these and countless other IT challenges, ensuring that your IT is helping and not hindering your business.

Digital Coaching

Your location, your pace, your goals.

Offering one-to-one help with smartphones, tablets, computers and web services at your pace:

• PC or Mac
• Advice on software, its installation and updates
• Security: Anti-virus, Malware and Firewalls
• Email set-up
• Back-ups
• Cloud Computing


We help many clients sell securely online using a multitude of world class software platforms like Magento, Zencart and WordPress. All of these platform allow our customers to self-administer their websites giving them complete flexibility as well as saving huge external administration costs. All with fully encrypted SSL https payment gateways.


We design for todays world so your ideas work on mobile, tablet, Mac and PC. In Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera and Firefox. On Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. In print, on air and on screen. We'll worry about this complex new world so you can concentrate on your business.


We can help you with your secure payment gateways as well as secure login areas. Our fully encrypted SSL https payment gateways use Trustwave® which is a globally trusted brand for Internet security and compliance - offering secure certificates, including SSL certificate products such as Organization SSL certificates for up to 5 domains and their www equivalents, Wildcard SSL certificates for multiple sub-domains and the strongest in online identity including the green address bar with extended validation, EV SSL certificates. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will help you implement the levels of security required.


Whether it's for a billboard or the web we create vectored graphics using the latest Adobe software to ensure your images are pin-sharp. Our design team have over 25 years experience in desk top publishing and can help you with any creative requirements you have. Web or print.


Your brand tells your customers who you are and so it's vital that message is delivered accurately. Whether you're developing a new brand or redesigning an existing one, we can help put your ideas in to digital form for web or print.


We can take your branding, product and service and digitally create your identity across web, print and video: business cards, brochures, promotional videos, websites or social media pages. We can ensure your customer identifies with your brand in the way you intend.

Our Clients

Please click on our clients logos below to visit their websites.

We have had the pleasure of building such a variety of websites that the easiest way for you to appreciate our work is to have a good look at the design, infrastructure and functionality then hopefully you will conclude that there isn't much we cannot undertake for you!

Manchester Medical Services

Abacus Cards



Portico Designs

Toddly World

Street Cat Bob


Simon's Cat

Humble Products

Hip Designs

DJR Training


Iconis Learning

The Courtyard Apartments

The Cambridge Collection

Be Then Do

Harold's Planet

Clare Maddicott

Netcomm Group

Legend Strategy Enterprises

Anna Benham

Bath Yoga Studio


Emma McDougall

Vintage Notebook


International City Numbers

The Official Web Shop
Brenda Armitt Yoga
Trinity Safeguarding

“Simply Websites has given a huge advantage to my company and was so professionally handled by the Managing Director Mr Paul Banyard. I can’t recommend them enough”

Ricard Moffatt
Auto Components Ltd

“Simply Websites have built and developed our web shops for three years. They handle the implementation of design plus all ongoing maintenance and security issues. Their hands on approach and attention to detail has made the process simple and highly efficient.”

Simon Harrison
The Official Web Shop

“Paul and the Simply Website team have always delivered a speedy and first class service in design and support for our web sites and internet presence. Would definitely recommend”

Michael Kerstein
Netcomm Group Ltd

“Paul provides a first class service in all things IT and design. He responds quickly and is both creative and pragmatic in offering solutions for your business. I would recommend Paul to any organisation as he adds incredible value.”

David Rowlands
Iconis Learning Ltd

“Paul understood exactly what I wanted in a simple website that I could maintain myself in uploading different notebooks to sell. The website has been running successfully for 3 years now and I am also very grateful for his advice in a name change for the product which has a far greater relevance on search engines than the previous name!”

Sarah Rowlands
Vintage Notebooks

“Paul says what he means and means what he says … we have found him to be a man of integrity, talent and ability. He also understands and responds to deadlines, questions and changes, a rare and valuable find. We highly recommend him, his work and his sense of humour!”

Paul & Jenni Nedoszytko
Be Then Do

“I have been working with Simply Websites for some years now, through website editing, design and brand work. Their customer service and efficiency is excellent and you can guarantee that your work will be quickly and accurately actioned, which is what every business needs by it’s support.”

Diane Lee
Bath Yoga Studio

“Paul at Simply Websites have been absolutely amazing to work with. Paul held my hand throughout the whole process – he was really knowledgable, very supportive and even answered my queries over the weekend. Brilliant support. Highly recommended.”

Emma McDougall
Emma McDougall

“Simply websites clearly understood my vision for my business and translated it into a seamless and clean-working website. Paul was very approachable and proactive and suggested useful changes to navigation to make it user friendly. They also took care of my payments and encryption needs for sensitive information and all my requests were acted upon quickly and professionally. If you want a website or have a business idea and don’t know were start, this is the company to go to for a personal and bespoke service.”

Dr Mauri-Sole

“Paul Banyard has designed and managed four company websites, two author websites and several professional websites for me and has helped solve very many software problems. He has always been very speedy and helpful and always seems to be able to think up a quicker and cheaper way of doing things. He is good with the both the technical side of creating different kinds of sites and all the questions of design style, typographic, photography – and now knows how to deal with e-books and how to list them on Amazon and other sites.”

Jasper Becker
Legend Strategy Enterprises

“Paul helped us simplify our website by implementing a WordPress theme which made updating content far easier and a lot more manageable than our previous bespoke site. Paul always responds promptly, makes costs completely transparent and is a great problem solver who works hard to find solutions to any issue he is presented.”

Emma Burch
Simon's Cat

“If you are looking for someone to build your website, I cannot recommend Paul Banyard more highly. He is very skilled at what he does and efficient. Courteous, honest, and his prices are very competitive. He understood very quickly what I was trying to achieve. The one thing Paul does not do is to wrap the process of website building up in a mystery and then charge you a fortune for what he does. He will give you the tools that you need to manage your own site once it is finished so that you are not beholden to him for every little thing, but on the bigger stuff is right there to sort out if needed. Paul has been an invaluable help to me and continues to be so. You will regret going anywhere else.”

Anna Edwards
Anna Benham

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